What is this man doing here?

I’m combining a hobby I enjoy with a skill I wish to improve, and to make it more fun I’m doing it in ‘public’. I’m using ‘public’ only in the vaguest sense as this little blog in the backwaters of the Internet will likely only be seen by friends and family that I specifically direct here. Just for fun, I’ll act like I have lots of readers and all that good stuff.

What am I going to be posting? Mostly stuff about my woodworking hobby, as I gain skill and begin to sell things rather than just making gifts for family. I may wander a bit into tool talk or sales talk but it’ll be mostly about the projects.

My plan is to post about projects and even post the plans in sketchup (another skill I need to improve). Some projects are so simple that doing a drawing and cutsheets would be ridiculous, and for those I’ll post pictures and dimensions.

Let’s kick this off with some pictures of older projects……


This was an early “for real” project that I made for Mom. The plans and outline came from Shanty-2-Chic.com, but I made a few ‘tweaks’…. First of all I used pallet wood instead of purchased lumber. Secondly I tried ( several times) to use the spray chalkboard paint but I never could get it to finish right. I kept gettiing clumps and lumps! So I inveseted a bit more $$ and got the brush on stuff and it was smoooth.



For Christmas last year I outdid myself. Not so much with the wood project but with the deviousness. See it’s tough to make presents for my wife and daughter because they are constantly in and out of the garage. This time I got clever. I made them both jewelry boxes! One was walnut with a cherry inlay and lining. The other was cherry with a walnut inlay and lining ( pictured). The devious part is I told my wife I was making a jewelry box for our 18 year old daughter.I told our daughter I was making a jewelry box for her mother. Then I just made sure only one was in sight at a time. I counted on neither of them paying close enough attention to notice that the boxes were reversed. Oh the shock and surprise on Christmas morning! The idea and technique for the boxes I got from Brad at FixThisBuildThat.com .

Originally I had planned to make a wall clock for Mom, but I ran into technical issues and couldn’t finish in time. This left me with several set of clock mechanisms and hands. Once I got back in the shop after the holidays, I put the new drill press to work and banged out a few clocks for sale.


This was a cross cut of cedar that I sanded to 220 grit and applied 1 coat of Waterlox Sealer/Finish . After it dried overnight, I sanded to 330 grit and applied another coat. I repeated this 2 more times for a total of 4 coats. WOW that was smooth to the touch! That was my first time using Waterlox and let me tell  you, it’s worth every penny.



20170331_134713 This one was a special request from a co-worker for her husband. The star was a little tricky but I printed a smaller template and extended it and it turned out pretty nice. I really like doing these distressed or rustic items. It feels like it has a story, even if it’s just a fictional one!






Well that brings us up to date! I hope you’ll stop back by as I add new projects!